S-type 2.7 D 2007 "Blow out"


I had a serious situation with this car today; attempting to burn off the soot in the DPF by taking the rpm to over 3500 in second gear, I had the engine suddenly taking over the rev’ing and hitting the redline in a flash! A great big puff of white smoke was left in the wake of the vehicle and the engine acted very strangely.

The car came to a halt. I managed to start it up again but it sounded quite ominous with a clacking sound seemingly coming from the timing gear. So, I was able to drive on to my destination down the road and turned it off. The engine now had a quite harsh ticking sound, and a moderate amount of white smoke emitted from the tailpipes.

After half an hour I started it again and drove for ten minutes back home. The ticking was less obvious now, and no white smoke but there was still a slight ticking sound.

Any wisdom on this kind of thing here?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

Sounds like it did the diesel ‘run away’ where it finds fuel other than the injector feed.

I have read that “A knock-on effect of primarily running this engine for short distances at relatively low speed, may be that fuel goes back into the engine oil, causing ‘fuel wash’,
accelerated engine wear and, in extreme cases, the engine will run on its own oil and ultimately cause incredible damage” (Nigel Thorley, The essential buyers guide to X350, which also use the 2.7 litre diesel engine).

However, the oil level isn’t really particularly high; at the max mark, and fuel consumption is about 90L/100km and we haven’t noticed any smell or excessive heat from the underside of the car, as described for a blocked dpf.

The massive white cloud that emitted at the incident could indicate the engine burning motor oil, though…

Not sure about engine oil burning white, brake fluid yes, oil normally blue.

You’re quite right actually… I just couldn’t think of anything else that would have been burned in the instance besides maybe coolant, which I had just checked and topped up with nearly 1,5 litre(!) I did find that rather strange, as there were no message indicating low coolant level.