S-type ignition lock barrel replacement

Hi guys - I have a 2004 3.0 petrol manual S-type, with a faulty ignition lock. Basically, even though I have the right key, I can’t start the car.

Can anyone advise me how to access the ignition barrel, in order to remove it? I can then send it to my locksmith to get a replacement.

Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated!

Explain further “I can’t start the car”.
Will the key turn?
What happens when you use the other key?
If the key turns to the first position, lighting the normal lights, but then won’t crank the car, that is usually the transponder unit.
Is the key is acting like it is the key to a different car, where it won’t turn at all?

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Hi Greg - something has got physically stuck inside the lock barrel, so I cannot push the key all the way in, so I can’t turn it, so I can’t start it.

So the only way to get the car going is to pull the barrel out, and replace it.

Does anyone know how to remove the lock barrel – does the fascia need to come apart?

Interesting, not a common problem. Here is the diagram I was using chasing part that might be needed a few days ago. #6 or #7 are different barrels cut to key number or with a key, both NLA.

Thanks Greg - sadly this is the older, pre-facelift type. Mine is a full facelift 2004 model.

I have to say, this problem is crazy - I’ve never had it before with any car, and there is so little on the internet about it.

Oh for a simple life!

That page from the EPC covers the early and late car. The car changes at M45255, which is called 2003 model year in US and is listed in Jag references as 2002.5 and later. They don’t change the picture but the part numbers change. Hard to tell what changes in the ignition lock even though the dash was changed completely in appearance.