[s-type] Rear passenger window and regulator removal

2000 S-type Jaguar, 3.0 liter, 43K miles.

Regulator in left-rear passenger door needs to be replaced.

How do I remove the window glass so the regulator can be pulled out?

I already have the interior door panel and most of the trim off the
door, and can see the regulator through the door’s work opening,
but I’m stuck at the point of separating the glass from the
regulator and removing the glass from the door. I have three
specific questions.

First question. The window is removed towards the outside of the
door, correct?

Second question. Does the pillar between the movable window and
the fixed window (the small window immediately to the rear of the
movable window) have to be removed? The pillar at the front of the
door appears to be riveted to the door, so I think the rear pillar
and fixed window have to be removed to gain room to shift the
movable window to the rear to get the movable window out of the
channel in the front pillar, but want to check with the experts.

Third question. How is the clamp of the regulator fixed to the
window? A straight-on view of the clamp is prevented because the
clamp stays behind the solid part of the door. I can see it from
the work opening in the door, but at a sideways view. The clamp
and window have to be separated to remove the regulator, but I’ve
pulled and pulled and no luck.

Ken Davis–
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looking for this post

These Brose regulators were a common issue even when the cars were new and there were many warranty claims. When Jaguar ran low on replacements the creative dealers realized they could use the Lincoln LS ones which were no better, but much cheaper than the Jaguar sourced ones. If you have not acquired a new regulator you might investigate that.