[s-type] Removal/Installation of Crankshaft Position Sensor - 3.0 S-typ

I need some help on if there are any tricks to know with the
installation of a crankshaft position sensor on a 2000 S-type with
the 3.0 V6. I finally got the sensor out after breaking off the
head and then spending several exasperating hours digging out the
rest of the body of the sensor. After I got it out I could not get
the new sensor to go all the way into the well. After looking at
it I discovered that the back ring of the crankshaft pulley
actually passes thru the side of the opening for the sensor. Can
someone tell me if there is a groove on one spot of the crank
pulley that I need to rotate around till it gets into the opening
of the sensor well or maybe I have the wrong sensor!!! I went to
my local Jaguar dealer and talked with the service department and
they said they had never replaced a sensor on a S-type because they
have never had one to fail!!! I couldn’t believe that the experts
had never done it. Please help. I am at the end of my rope.]


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Do you ever figure it out I did the same exact thing and the new sensor I got from autozone doesn’t fit all the way