S2 2+2 wiring question (black/ red)

(Pat Leask) #1

Struggling away installing my new harness to my '69 restoration project.

I have a black wire with red tracer starting by the steering column (LHD) area, in the harness that travels out by the battery, along the LH rail, around the front of the picture frame (a black (grnd) wire is along side it in the cloth covering). I have no idea what this is for, do you please?

I should add, that when looking at the wiring diagram the only black/red wires I see listed is for the otter switch, and that is a sub harness confined to that “area” of the diagram going to/from the relay, which is fed by a green wire, and not originating/ending where I’ve mentioned.

I am also not able to find any wires that feed the brake fluid caps with in the harness as noted above that contains the black/red wire. Is there perhaps another sub harness I missed buying or is one of the wires in the Alt off shoot of this part of the harness, meant to feed the caps?

Thanks, Pat

(Nick Saltarelli) #2

Br goes to the middle terminal of the otter switch in front of the rad. The black wire beside it goes to the otter switch ground terminal. Far as I remember it’s a separate, two-wire subloom.

(Pat Leask) #3

Thanks Nick, I am sure I am missing something that I can’t see yet.

Attached is a photo of the wiring diagram, notice the otter switch sub harness is “Isolated” from every other main harness wire. Only the green from the fuse enters the “otter domain” :slight_smile: In the other photos you can see the start and end of the infamous BR wire (and a ground) that according to the diagram, does not enter the “Otter domain”.

So, from what I can figure (assuming I am right) out if the otter switch area is effectively isolated (except the G wire), what is the purpose of this BR? And if the Otter switch, why does it not show up in the diagram? Or is this what I am missing?

(David Langley) #4


It’s not totally clear from your description whether you’ve actually confirmed by doing a continuity test whether the B/R wire in the engine bay is the same wire as the B/R wire under the dash. If you look at the wiring diagram closely, you will see 2 B/R wires. One from the Otter Switch to the Cooling Fan Relay (in the engine bay), and another from the Turn Signal Switch (LH Flasher) to the dashboard LH Flasher warning lamp. Is it possible that you’ve got these confused?


(Pat Leask) #5

BINGO! Thanks David, I happy to say that I must have had a “Brain backfire” so to say… I tested the wire and as it turns out the one I was concerned about is the wire wire to the switch in the rad. No excuses why I did not do a test on it… but problem solved :slight_smile: I wish they were all that easy a fix!