S2 Accelerator Pedal Bend Angle

(John Macleod) #1

My replacement pedal is flat, although the one that came with my OTS had a banana curve to it (and worn hinge). I’d like to bend the new pedal at the correct point to the correct angle, which I hear is more sharp. Can someone please provide these measurements? Thanks for your help!

(melloyello) #2

This topic has come up before about bent pedal. I am original owner of a 70 FHC, no bend. Father had a 69 2+2 no bend also. Have seen them with a slight bow that I believe happened from a heavy foot pushing off to get out of car?
That’s my story

(Steve) #4

view of mine from the side; Jan 1969 build-FHC
I can trace the shape if you would like?

(John Macleod) #5

Thanks Steve and Glenn for your replies. Steve - yours looks a lot like the one that came on my car, a gradual curve, but the bend is lower than mine. I have researched the archives, and the parts manual. The S2 parts manual shows a pedal for OTS and Coupe with a sharper bend about 2/3 of the way up. It also shows a flat pedal for 2+2s, which is confirmed by the archive comments in general. I have heard a flat pedal may interfere, and not hit WOT in an S2 OTS or coupe (not that I intend this action Mr. Hagerty). I’m just trying to get it close to factory correct. Again, thanks to all for input, photos.

(David Norton) #6

Not sure why it would interfere, the sheet metal under it is straight, I’m going to guess that 50 years of mashing it in the middle leaves it with a bend. BTW my 69 OTS with 36K miles is flat.

(Bob Faster) #7

my 33K mile car ( in family since '74) has a flat pedal. aug 69 build S2 OTS.

When I look at the XKEBooks parts list it shows just the opposite, a flat pedal in the OTS and a pedal with a slight crease near the top for a 2+2

Bob F

(Steve) #8

For reference, mine is a one owner car and the pedal appears original

(Paul Wigton) #9

Early cars had a ‘bent’ pedal, that is abundantly documented on xke.data: mine was one, and it was an original pedal.