S3 sheet metal brackets - Templates

I tried to buy a pair of the clutch/brake reservoir bracket but only one showed up and the other was cancelled; no longer being carried by that supplier. I also needed the lower clutch hose bracket that’s specific to the S3.
I reverse engineered the one reservoir bracket so make a model and flat pattern, the clutch bracket is based off of pictures and general approximations.
Fabbed from 16ga or 1/16" thick mild steel. It was a good use for the old Niagara bar folder I rescued and rehabbed.
Anyways, thought I’d post these here in case anyone else likes making their own stuff.
Print out at 100% on adhesive backed label paper and apply to sheet metal stock, cut out the pattern, drill, bend, deburr, finish.
Probably more work than they’re worth but that’s half the fun of this car vice.

C33882 - Bracket, Clutch Hose, Lwr, S3.pdf (8.3 KB)
C35010 - Bracket, Bottle, S3, LHD.pdf (4.1 KB)


Good work and it didn’t cost anything, don’t paint them have them zinc plated If you can The brake fluid will eventually attack the paint
My experience anyway I had to redo them after storage and I had used polyurethane paint tuff stuff . Should have been washing them off with water once in awhile

Well done. I couldn’t agree more.