[Saloon-lovers] Coolant temp, etc


Hi Dave Gropper & all – thought I’d join the debate about running temps
with my own experience:

My car, Mk IX 792817 BW, original, now 116,500 miles, runs at 68-70 degrees
C. on a normal run with outside temps up to the 80s F. Into the 90s F,
gauge goes to 75, and may go up further if slowed down by traffic. “Worst
case” – stuck on the Bay Bridge on a 104 degree F. day – gauge goes
BEYOND 100, so I slip into neutral and run revs to 2,000 – if oil pressure
is 40 PSI (factory spec for my 3.8), overheating is NOT enough to thin the
oil! Once out of the jam and rolling, gauge comes back to 75-77. Once
home, I check – haven’t lost ANY coolant. For my car, this has been very

Also – I DO use Red Line Water-Wetter, 1 12-oz. bottle with every coolant
change (which I do every 6 months – drain, reverse flush, refill with
50/50 Prestone and distilled water). I view this as preventive
maintenance; carry 2 gallons of extra 50/50 mix in boot, but NEVER have to
use – sometimes I halp my friends out at shows with this stuff!

Next “big one” for me is 13 Sept. '97; that day, I’ll motor to Hollywood
(425 miles from Sacramento) for the JOCLA JCNA Concours at the Peterson
Auto Museum on the 14th; then back home on the 15th. Have done this one
before with NO problem; if different this year, I’ll let everyone know.

Hope this helps – Larry Martz