[Saloon-lovers] Front sub frame mounts on S-types

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From: “Coe, Russell” rcoe@frk.com
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Subject: Front sub frame mounts on S-types
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:15:12 -0700

In the past I have posted in regards to replacing ball joints to rid my 1966
3.8 S-type of a loud clunking noise coming from the front end while braking
or on rough road surfaces. After doing the ball joints and finding no
difference with the situation I was getting quite annoyed. I jacked the car
up and tried moving the suspension up and down and pulling on the wheel
every which way but it showed no reason for the loud clunking. Finally a
mechanic friend of mine volunteered to lay in front of the car and watch
what happened when I applied the brakes. Due to broken front sub frame
mounts, the whole suspension was tipping forward then banging back up
against the frame. I have since replaced the mounts and this not only has
rid me of the clunking, but the steering and handling has improved
dramatically. It was a 30 minute job to replace the mounts.
It is amazing what we learn while working on these cars, and I hope this
lesson will help out other owners who may wish to check that the front
mounts have not broken and the suspension is resting on the frame. There
should be about a half inch gap between the frame and the mount.
Russell Coe
1966 3.8 S-type MOD

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