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I am writing in hope that you might be able to pass on some advice.

My Father has recently passed away , laeving a Jaguar 420 to us.

However , the car was to be a restoration project for him, way back in 1981
, only he was posted in Saudi Arabia , & was never able to tackle the

The car has been in the Barn house for the past 19 years , I believe that
has not been turned over for approximately eleven years.

The cars body appears to be in immaculate shape , however the interior has
number of tears etc;

I have checked for fluids , it appears that the oil is clear & anti freeze
still present. I have taken the plugs off & intend to turn the innition to
check response.

Before progressing any further , I would like to know if there are any
particular avenue, that I should pursue + if it all is beyond me , the best
method for selling such an unusual vehicle.

Best regards,


*If at all helpful, I can attach some photo’s.

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