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Message============================================================Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 14:06:34 -0400
From: “William Frisk” wcjfrisk@kmbs.com
Subject: Jaguar Mark VIIM bits going spare, XK 150 small parts. Going,
going, soon GONE

I am soon to be sending the remains of a Jaguar Mark VIIM off to a metals
recycling firm. Last call Gentlemen and Ladies for spares you may need.
Rusty body with damaged front wings but doors look good and lots of other
odd bits left. Items already gone: Engine, transmission, interior and wood.
Lots of small bits including instruments and other mechanicals still on the
car. I will do a final strip of parts before removal.

Kindly inquire for specific items and I will see how good or wonky
it is. Car is in Toledo Ohio USA by exit 203A of Intersate 75 Northbound. We
do have a border in Lake Erie with Ontario but it is wisest to drive over
the Ambassador Bridge to get here from Canada. I am loosing storage space on
the spares car, so acting sooner rather than later is advised.

Also have a set of glass fibre rear wing spats available for Jaguar
MK XII-IX, which are an aftermarket replacement item. I was able to locate a
proper set of steel MK VII spats, so the glass fibre set are spare as well.
The last boxes of XK 150 items are going as well from an XK 150S my
brother wrecked years ago. Have brake servo and reservoir and small hardware
including window lift mechanisms. Other odd bits include door and other
shims and small electrical items. Inquire for specific wants.

I would consider shiping items at cost if you are located some
distance away, New Zealand is not out of the question once an item is in the
crate. NO Nigerian counterfiet money orders accepted under any

Wm. C. Jensen-Frisk

Alan Brand
“Grace”, 1967 Jaguar 420, P1F25909BW
Toronto, ON Canada

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