[Saloon-lovers] Long Slumber Almost Ended - 67' S-Type

I had to drop a note to the group and seek your collective will power.

The 12 years of silence for my 3.4L were pushed a little further away this

The car is a fine 67’ RHD S-Type, 3.4L w/auto, maroon with blue/black hides,
covered and stored in a barn for many years after its mistress, “Grannie”,
fell too ill to drive any longer. The “Grannie” tag (actual FL plate) has
been removed, as has many years of dust, some minor rust, and some corrosion.
The otherwise clean, but ancient oil and fluids have been replaced. The
sparkers removed; the cylinders misted with WD-40; and the battery replaced.
The final step in today’s efforts was to re-install the ignition switch which
went out and a key fitted (the originals had been long lost in the estate).

Turning the key switch caused the brake light to glow brightly, but no hint of
action from the fuel pump (not surprising). The fuel gauge began to move. I
gingerly pressed the starter button, then again, but nothing happened. I
tried some of the electricals. The lights sprang to life. The fan motor,
balky at first, began to churn briskly after a couple of trys.

I tried the starter again - it gave a shudder, then groaned like a truly
ancient beast, AND THE MOTOR BEGAN TO TURN! Twice more I asked it to come to
life: Twice more it answered! What a rush of adrenaline! Regaining my
composure after a rather loud cheer which brought my puzzled wife to the
garage door, I blurted out something stupid like, “She’s alive!”

I put the battery on charge and partially screwed in the spark plugs to
prevent moisture from getting in. Then I had a Fosters and marveled at what
had happened.

Tomorrow, I’ll set about getting fuel to the SUs, draining the fuel tanks, set
the ignition, and new spark plugs … but first, enough turning over without
compression to look for signs of oil pressure. And a lot of prayer.

Collectively, I need your happy thoughts and countless prayers, please.
Thanks to all of you for all of your earlier suggestions - they were

Dan Fitch, Merritt Island, Florida
82’ XJ6-III, Hers
67’ RHD S-Type, His (and she’s almost there…)