[Saloon-lovers] Mark 2 Brakes Original vs. Upgrade

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Subject: Mark 2 Brakes Original vs. Upgrade
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:01:46 -0600

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I need to decide whether to use the Mk.2 originals with refurbishing by =
places such as Stainless Steel Brakes or Whites; or, to install a newer =
brakes system. Car is a driver and, for my needs, the originals have =
worked satisfactorily. My interest of the newer system is for the =
dual-circuit, possibly better rotors and calipers and, that possibly =
parts for newer would be easier to source. Has anyone installed a newer =
brake system on a Mk.2 ? Installed dual-circuit with original Mk. 2 =
calipers ? Whqat about mix 'n match: Mk. II and after-market components =
? Also, can SIII brake system fit ? (I’ve a breaker SIII). Thanks.
Richard Cielec

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