[Saloon-lovers] RE: Mirrors for Mk VII

Hello, Mark Breen.

I am not sure I see the problem of mounting a mirror from the roof.
As you probably know, the area between the two sun visors is double
with the interior roof metal sitting about an inch lower than the
outer roof. So I can’t see any problem drilling a few small holes to
fix a mirror there?

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From: “Mark Breen” cds-mark@erols.com
To: “y Jag Lovers” saloons@jag-lovers.org
Subject: Mirrors for Mk VII
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 15:43:30 -0600
I’ve looked through the many Jag books I have, and see several pictures =
of Mk VII-IXs with inside mirrors mounted to the top of the window =
instead of to the dash. Prominent among these is the Queen Mum’s =
upgraded MK VIIM. Most of the others were cars set up for rallying and =
racing. Short of tearing out the (brand new) headliner and epoxying =
some sort of mounting block to the roof, I can’t see any way to mount =
the existing mirror in that location. I’ve considered having a custom =
bracket constructed that would clamp to the center windshield divide. =
I’ve looked at some modern mirrors that glue directly to the windshield, =
but that was a desecration even I couldn’t bear.

Anyone have any great suggestions for #3.

Thanks, and I look forward to chatting with everyone more often from now =

Mark Breen
Glen Allen (Richmond), Virginia

Per-Age Krogstad, @Per-Age_Krogstad
Trondheim, Norway

Jaguar Mk VII, 1954
MG TF, 1954

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