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I was in Tiverton last summer in a hired 1965 S-Type and had hand brake problems. One of the mechanics in town had approached me while I was fuelling the car 15 minutes earlier and introduced himself as the owner of an identical car. I managed to limp back to him after the problem, and he cheerfully got me on my way with a running repair in forty-five minutes. There was no charge, but he finally agreed to accept a fiver for a ‘drink’. I don’t remember the name of the service station (it was one of the biggies if I remember correctly), but I can get the info from
friends that live in Tiverton if it is of interest to you.

I am about to go to UK for my annual touring around Devon in my MK II 3.4
(Based in Widecombe and Bovey Tracey).My mechanic is away vaccinating
livestock against Foot & Mouth on behalf of MAFF, can you believe and car
will need an MOT as soon as I get back (Dont believe anything major needs
As I hv recently moved base from SE England down to the West Country I
wondering if there are an Jag Lovers in my area, any “Jag Sympathetic”
mechanics around that could do my MOT, and even if there is a local Jag
drivers club in the vicinity?
There used to be an excellent vintage car mechanic garage on the road down
from Widecombe/Haytor to Trumpeter, but I saw last Xmas they hv left???
By way of interest also, there is always a very interesting vintage and
classic car ralley in Bovey Tracey always at end of July, if anybody is
going to be around let me know???
Thanks for letting me put this pharocial request out on the world web
Andrew Hunt,
MK II 3.4 auto 1966/7

Alan Brand

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