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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 14:23:03 -0200

Whilst in UK for last Xmas and NY I took the above lady out for a spin =
(Sussex down to Dartmoor and back).1000 miles in floods gales and heavy =
snow upon the moors were all handled without any problem.However, when I =
returned to Worthing I found that the accelerator pedal was very loose =
on the initial downward pressure (IE in the lower revs range), it was in =
fact quite loose so you could waggle it around in your hand! But from =
one third down the pedal picked up its normal firmness.
On very brief perusal before returning to Brasil I did not notice =
anything really amiss under the bonnet (hood) except that when the pedal =
was pressed to its extreme on the board the linkage arm was not coming =
upto the stops at all.(In other words the pedal was not giving full =
range on the throttle!).
As I did not hv any more time to investigate I simply thought it must be =
the big linkage spring underneath the carbs so duly ordered another one.
This spring has now been fitted by my mechanic who advises that there is =
only slight improvement, but he feels that the linkage from the bulkhead =
out to the carbs could be worn, some of the couplings appear to be oval =
i/o round and tight.
Do you think this is the problem, has anyone had this experience??
Andrew Hunt=20

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