[Saloon-lovers] Your 1969 Daimler V8 250

G’day John,

Have you had any feedback regarding your V8 Jaguar/Daimler ?

Q.1: I also have the excellent Nigel Thorley book, plus several specialist
Daimler books but alas am unable to answer your query. Have you tried
contacting the U.K. Daimler Registrar, Barry Pladdys [ DaimlerUK@aol.com
] ? I jhave found him to be most interested in tracking down details of
V8’s - he owns one himself.

Q.2: I can help here - my references show that 1,084 RHD V8-250’s were
manufactured in 1969 (from # 1K4697-1K5780). Incidentally I think your
number is in fact P1K5405BW - BW denoting Borg Warner 35 Automatics,
similarly manual/overdrive cars hads a prefix of DN, for Laycock
DeNormanville, the suppliers of the overdrive units.

Q.3: Again I would refer you to Barry Pladdys who I am sure could direct
you on that matter.

kind regards,

Jim Ellis.
(1963 Daimler 2.5 litre V8 -auto unfortunately)

P.S. Where are you located and do you have a good source of parts for your
I can give you some contact addresses if needed.----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Subject: Body Colours for 1969 Daimler V8 250
From: JAM43@aol.com at internet-gateway
Date: 5/10/97 00:29

I have three queries that I am in need of answers for:

  1. I have recently become confused as to the colours specified for the 1969
    Daimler V8 250. I have recently downloaded from your Daimler Models Changes
    information from the Internet and find that there is a Carmen Red specified
    for the exterior with 8 different possibilities for interior, at least that
    is what I interpret from your chart. However, I have read in the book
    publication, Original Jaguar MkI/MkII, by Nigel Thorley, that for the 1967-69
    Daimler V8 250 that there is a Signal Red with only black, red, and beige as
    interior possibilities. I’d like to know which source of colour combinations
    are more correct.

I am currently restoring a 1969 Daimler V8 250. It currently has a dark blue
interior and although it currently is painted some kind of red it originally
was Warwick Grey. I would like to repaint my vehicle red but I would like to
insure that I have a colour combination that is restorably correct.

  1. My second query is, how many of my configuration of V8 250 Daimler 1969
    were actually produced. My Daimler is right hand drive, automatic, with mph
    for the odometer. My vehicle number is P1K5405BN. According to your
    Internet spec sheet there were 967 V8 250 Daimlers produced in 1969.
    Considering that some were manual and some automatic, some rhd and some lhd,
    that leaves somewhat less than 967 Daimlers with my configuration. Can you
    tell me how many?

  2. I would also like to obtain a Heritage Certificate for my vehicle. How do
    I do that?

Thank you,

John Mitchell

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Mine was left hand drive Green with green interior, wish I still had it