Screen not farmated for universal 1024x768 and endless scroll

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COMPLAINTS no way to contact Jaglovers
1st__ at 1024x768 (my laptop resolution and most common, crosses most platforms most shared resolution) the POST dialog is half off the screen as is the LOGIN dialog. Should not be that way should easily format for the most universal reso and not have to scroll.
2__ Endless scroll on anything I thought most techy sites hate the endless scroll and if done too much can very easily crash many browsers. I agree with techy sites …useless addition. Also makes it very hard to find anything again if its a LONG page divided into pages much easier to re-navigate.
3__ the Email Jaglovers dialog not working How about something deceptively simple like listing an email. The dialog says pick social media and or browser like Firefox and I have Firefox and NOTHING happens I get a blank screen… yeah great feedback with that.
4 Simple is usually the best way
Using FF 54.0.1
ALSO when I hit create post button for complaint or posting many times the screen just jumps down the forum list and I see nothing but the forum list. I’m not sure but I think the not so good idea of endless scroll is interfering with trying to “jump” to bottom of screen (there is no bottom) to get to the POST or COMPLAINT dialog box … kinda crazy makes it too challenging.

ALSO use simpler language I’m finished typing and CREATE TOPIC geez odd title how about something simpler and more direct like POST to FORUM?? create topic gives me the fear factor I will erase what Ive done and create a new topic… when I wasn’t to POST to a site I’m not CREATING the tech term and most universal term is POST to a site not CREATE to a site
I know next the site will leak some oil… then all the lights will go out.

Power steering shims and Jag site complaint
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The helpdesk email is, or you can PM me, @Nick, or @gunnar

1024x768 is fairly low resolution nowadays.

If you wish to discuss the finer details of ux design, then perhaps you should have a look at

We’ve been running this platform for 2 years now. If the lights were going to go out, then they would have by now.

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“1024x768 is fairly low resolution nowadays”.
Yes true it is low res but it still is the most common cross platform resolution and applies to most small notebooks etc and web pages should not ignore them. Tech site after tech site say to design web pages for that LOW resolution…
That discourse site is not for me I have not the time
Jaglovers is lucky to get any feedback from members (more is better) as most people don’t bother.
Be thankful for feedback

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Your best solution is to use Chrome, Safari, or Edge: none of these crash while running the site. Edge, surprisingly, is the fastest with Discourse, according to the last tests I saw.

There isn’t much we can do to inhibit the infinite scrolling, and it’s not really an issue. If you use the slider it isn’t an issue at all.

As to the text on individual buttons, we average about 20 topics and 200 posts per day, so it is hardly an issue.

Have a look in #user-guides-and-how-tos, and run through the interactive tutorial.

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Firefox 63.0.3 (current) works fine with the site too.