Seal or trim between dashboard and windscreen

I am getting ready to re install my renovated dash into my car, however I cannot remember what seal or piece of material was in place between the dash wood and the rear of the screen opening inside the car, there was a piece of leather trim that is stapled to the top profile of the dashboard which I have, but it looks like there was another piece of something between that and the screen opening also
anybody got any pictures or information ?, please see attached photo of what was in there originally

There are some Rexine covered plywood spacers that fit to either side of the demister vents.


Hi Pete
I have the plywood spaces in the car, do you have a picture, it seems that this material went all the way across the top of the dash but I don’t recall what it looks like


Mine has fender welt beading in there, but I can’t say it’s original.

Rob, your car and mine were never fitted with heaters when they they left the factory. The MkIV has separate pieces filling the gaps that result from the demister vents.


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I am going to do a tril fit up with the dash this week, from there I will measure the gap between the dash wood and the internal side of the windscreen, I know it had a strip of leather along the top of the dash to finish it off but I am still unsure of what was between that
I will post back when I have fitted it up
Thanks all

I think Rob is correct that part of finish is a piped rexine the same as used at the head lining. Here’s an unrestored example.


Thanks all for the Info and Pictures very informative

Right, somebody added a Delaney Gallay heater to mine, and would have removed the upper dash panel in order to cut notches for the defroster vents. So whether he notched the piping or put on new piping is unknown.