Search: (slight) annoyance

If you perform a search and scroll down to a post say, halfway down the list - then click through to read the thread …all good.

Hitting the browser’s back button returns you to the search page no problem, however, not to the position (post) you clicked away from, but to the top of the search page. This can be a bit of a problem if like me, you can’t always remember where you were in the original search list after reading a long series of detailed threads …

Not the EOTW but slightly annoying …:grimacing:

I agree.

I do a lot of “open in new tab”. I’ll make a suggestion to the developers that using back to return to the search list should go back to the place you were.

I use the same “new tab” technique too (when I remember!)



While on the subject of searching. If you are in the Forums Home and click on the search icon and then “options”" you get to refine your search. you can specify the category you wish to search in. Why is this not a pull down menu instead of a free form box? Can it be changed to a pull down menu?

It can’t, but it doesn’t really need it either. If you are in category “E-type” and hit the search then you get a check box to search the category. Similarly if you are in a thread, then you can limit your search to that thread. (and if you’re in your PMs, then you can search them, and so on, and so on).

And… if you look at what what the query text changes to when you select the various options in advanced you’ll see that the syntax is pretty simple. (try #e-type@Andrew_Waugh before:2004”, or “#e-type before:1998 @John_Walker”). Unfortunately, what you can’t do is use a wildcard with a username, as in “#e-type @John_Walker*”.

Besides… I’m pulling my hair out trying to migrate the old site archives - the search here on the forum at least works.

I did see that and I guess that’s good enough, not perfect, but good enough.

Hi Andrew,

Out of curiosity, what search package does the site use. I like the way it adds search terms to the main box when you select information from the advanced search panel.


I don’t know if it’s a package or if they rolled their own. I wish there were a way to make the default order by date though.

If you have a look in your profile you’ll also see that you can save searches, and system will PM you when a new post appears.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting back to me, and thanks for the tip, appreciated.