Searching for a french Swallow from 1938/1939

Ok, thanks for the precision

However in french register, it’s still “Swallow” as a Car Make, and not “SS Cars”.
I added 2 examples, from the register, of “Swallow SS1” and “Swallow Jaguar” from early 1936.

But indeed that’s confusing … :sweat_smile:


Yes, you can say that again. :smiley: The French distributor is most likely behind the information, maybe the ”Swallow” had a good brand name back then. A bit like the Americans called the E-type an ”XKE” after the successful XK120-XK150.

Anyways the company that made the SS1 & SS2 between 1932 and 1936 was called SS Cars Ltd.


Yes, indeed.
Some of the cars were registered directly by the official importer as “Swallow” which sounds more attractive than “SS Cars”, even before WWII

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I managed to get more informations about the car. (Special Thanks for Coventry Foundation and Jaguar Enthusiaste Club for informations given, just below)

Color : olive,
Engine : 2663cc,
Body : Saloon,

So the car should be like this one (Musée National de l’Automobile - Collection Schlumpf - Mulhouse) :

That is definitely on my bucket list!

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Well, i found something very interesting, and also, Spoil alert, a little bit sad.

I continue to read the register from 1936, i found that M. Delloye bought a 2nd SS Cars in May 1936, which is when his first SS1 move to another region.

But that time, it’s a SS Cars Jaguar. VIN : 10799, engine : 250368. Plate Number 50 MD2

The cars stayed in his family until 1949, when he passed away.

That means that my grand father drove this Jaguar and not the SS1, contrary to what i thought previously. He probably didn’t know his boss has a SS1 before his Jaguar.

Then the car was bought by M. Henri Choteau in 1949, and by Paul Lesieux in 1954.
In 1954, the registration system has been changed, so new Plate Number : 9189 AY 59.

And unfortunately, in May 1956, the car was destroyed, i don’t know the reason …

My quest is over.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Please find below all the VIN Number i found in the register, it could help some of you :

Plate Number
N° Série/Châssis
Serial Number
Carrosserie et Couleur
Body & Color
N° moteur
Engine Number
937 MB9 Swallow SS1 247106 210363 15 HP
3700 MB9 Swallow SS1 247561 210754 15 HP
5005 MB9 Swallow SS1 247275 210482 15 HP
5177 MB9 Swallow SS1 247874 Saloon
Olive Green
210960 15 HP
2663 cc
5329 MB9 Swallow SS1 247903 210959 15 HP
5437 MB9 Swallow SS1 247902 15 HP
5752 MB9 Swallow SS1 247836 15 HP
5817 MB9 Swallow SS1 247911 15 HP
8693 MB9 Swallow SS1 247972 211042 15 HP
2103 MD Swallow SS1 248374 248370 15 HP
3828 MD Swallow SS1 248209 211222 15 HP
6324 MD Swallow SS1 248252 211328 15 HP
800 MD1 Swallow SS1 249479 249288 15 HP
2262 MD1 Swallow SS1 248755 248676 15 HP
9310 MD1 Swallow Jaguar 10238 D2-249746 15 HP
50 MD2 Swallow Jaguar 10799 250368 15 HP

So that’s a 2-1/2 Litre saloon from 1936, probably brand new, which would have looked something like this. The center spot light and wheel cover discs were options.

I’m curious, what register did you find all this information in, and how did you gain access to it?

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Thank you, wahoo, i understand how my grand father should have been excited to drive such a car when he was 15 ! and during all the WWII !!

The register i found is the official register for car, i mean the register that french administration have.
I read about 20 volumes (from 1934 to 1936). In each volume, you have 2000 cars (and also trucks and motorbikes). So i read about 40000 lines of car.

This picture shows what a page of register is, there are 200 page in a register.

Here is the official website :

But the only way to consult these register is to go in Lille, France where the archives of my region (and only of my region) are.
Each Region (in France, we call that a Department) have such register and there are 96 departments in France …

Registers are not scanned and can not be read online.

And of course, you have others cars like Delage, Delahaye, Bugatti but mainly Peugeot, Renault and Citroen.
I also take picture of Bugattis, because i’m a big fan of old ones, type 35 or 57 for example.

And for the car that my grand father drove, here what i found :

In register from may 1936 :

In register from July 1954 :

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Archives are of course opened to every one, It’s a public service so it’s free, you just need time to go over there

may have had an accident,

thats what happened to my grandfathers MKVII,

got hit by a bus in Sydney in the late '60s

Apparently in my list, only châssis number 249479 still exists but transformed as a SS90


Yeah probably, we will never know :frowning:

I have deleted my posting.