Seat memory not working

1997 Vanden Plas

When I try setting the memory, the steering wheel will adjust to at least 2 on the memory points,
the seat doesn’t move the way I think it should. is there a good wireing diagram available or better … has some one found the source of the trouble.

I guess I should have checked before jumping …motorcarman has posted a super detailed proceedure for checking the memory… can’t wait to dig into it
Thanks lots

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High probability that it’s the seat potentiometers that have broken. There are fugly repair procedures but the ideal fix will be when one of us creates a 3D model of the part that breaks so it can be printed in nylon- or improve the part itself. The same units were used on Ferrari seats and the Ferrari folks gobled most of the Jag units up because at $300+ each they were cheaper than the Ferrari stuff.

So yeah… it’s not fun. Search X300 Seat Potentiometers, or Ferrari 355 Seat Pots.

~Paul K.