Seattle Jaguar Club

Hello, I was wondering if I could plug the Seattle Jaguar club (nonprofit) on here for folks on the forum who might be in Washington that aren’t already members? Also, we have a fantastic monthly magazine that is free for anyone to browse on our website. I am the VP of activities this year and we have a ton of events for 2024. We are one of the most active clubs in the U.S. Thanks.

Hi Matt,

I guess you just did!

We don’t have any facilities for doing what you ask. We do not allow cross-posting between categories as it tends to annoy people (a lot). We don’t sell ads and our free Classifieds category is for just that; classifieds only (wanted/4sale, cars and parts).

The closest thing would be to post in the Lounge, but beware that a lot of members never read the Lounge, so your reach would be limited.

If you do decide to post in the Lounge, please make it short and sweet like your post here. Instead of describing the ins and outs of your club, include a link to page where those who are interested can read more.

If you’ll allow me to offer a suggestion, it would be to purchase paid advertising on Facebook. You can pinpoint your target demographic very precisely and it wouldn’t have to cost a lot.

Also seek out your nearest Jaguar main dealer, and any independent repair shops that specialize in Jaguars. Ask them to help spread the word (brochures/business cards on counters, a short blurb in customer email campaigns, etc.)

Edit: And thanks for asking! Much appreciated.


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