Sedan C Pillar Chrome Vinyl Roof Coverings


Does anyone have pictures, measurements, or any details about the chrome bright work that was used with vinyl tops on saloon and sedans?

These are parts BD. 41413 and 41414. Here is a pic of the jaguar assembly manual and the only picture I could find from the internet:


I found another picture of these chrome peices on the internet.

It appears there may have been different styles for a series one and series two. I am not sure if there were different styles if the car was a Diamler or Vanden Plas?

One is cast and one is stamped (notice the thickness at the top).

These are Daimler Double Six pieces. The standard coupe is just a thin strip.

Hi David,

From my google searches it appears that only the diamler with vinyl roofs had these, not all diamlers.

Do you have any idea how many vinyl roof diamlers were made?

I love what was done with the Diamler Vanden Plas XJ12C on the c-pillar area!!

D66VDP pillar


I wonder if a saloon/sedan has the same curve on the back window as a coupe…then the chrome finisher could be used on the coupe!


Only the coupes came with vinyl roof coverings. This only the Daimler Double Six coupes has there pieces.

David A. Judd

David, additionally, I think the UK Series 2 Vanden Plas saloons may have had a vinyl roof option.


AFAIK all coupes had vinyl roofs, UK?, V12 and 6 cylinder.
I’ve never seen one without that wasn’t modified.
The coupe “C” pillars are wider than the saloons.
I’m considered making these and the side mouldings out of solid stainless steel. I’ve got 5 of the six side chrome strips but can’t find the last one.

Yes, it looks like all production coupes had vinyl tops when they left the factory. Saloons could have a vinyl top as the assembly manual shows, but I am not clear if only Vanden Plas could have them or if ALL Vanden Plas had them?

If you are missing the chrome strip for the front wings these are the same as the rear chrome strip for a saloon. That means they are more common than the coupe’s door and rear wing strip.

Paul’s Jaguar in Florida has a NOS set of coupe stainless trim, but the cost reflects the condition and rarity. Maybe he has an extra one laying around. Jeremy (the owner of Paul’s Jaguar) is a really nice and helpful person.

Tey reaching out to him.


Thanks Harry,

Me needing the chrome strips is a looooonnngg way away!! Mine is the rustiest, most bodged XJC or even car I have ever seen. How it actually drove without breaking into bits before I bought it as a project I will never understand.
BTW AFAIK the strips are chrome plated steel not stainless but happy to be corrected.

I don’t know either. I have a set of the stamped variety, which fit my S1 Saloon perfectly. I had intended to fit a vinyl roof when I got round to repainting. I’ve always wondered what differentiated the stamped from the cast ones. I think, but don’t know for sure, that my stamped finishers are stainless, rather than plated hard brass as was used for the bonnet centre strip, the body side strips, and of course the Daimler grille itself (both surround and vertical strips).

The S1 Daimler Double Six VDP had several bits that seemed to be unique to it. For one thing, it was only available in LWB, meaning that its door chrome strips came only in lengths suitable for the longer rear doors. It’s interior door panels were remarkably similar to those that reappeared on the S3 VDP models. And of course the vinyl roof with the trim bits on the C-pillar.

Hi Robert,

If possible could you take detailed pictures of your peices and post them to this thread?

I am particularly interested in the height of the curved side next to the window and the flat side next to the rear window. Also of interest is how they attach to the body. It appears one version has a pin and the other has a screw.



I’m fairly sure that all SII Daimlers had the vinyl roof optional and all V12, even Jaguars, had it stock. In the days the XJ12 was nicknamed “the fastest vinyl roof of the world”. Probably most were lost when over the decades the vinyl covers were tossed and the roof painted.

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75 XJ6 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Harry, I just searched for half an hour without success. Found several other shiny bits I didn’t know I had, though. This is typical when I’m trying to find something in my parts room. I will continue looking. Sorry!