Seeking xk engine builder recommendations

Seeking recommendations on a shop which can replace the exhaust valve seats on my original xk120SE head.

The entire motor was professionally rebuilt many years ago, and it was a most horrible experience with many screwups by multiple well known xk specialists. After two rebuilds, both botched, I pulled the motor, put it in storage, and installed in a spare xk140 motor (c-type head). During the second botched rebuild, larger exhaust valves & seats were put in. One of those seats dropped out after about 500 miles so all of them should be replaced to be safe.

And recommendations on a place that actually knows how to fix XK heads correctly and which get it right the first time?

I’m in New England, but will ship the head to a good rebuilder.


Coventry West, check the archives.

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+1 on Dick Maury at Coventry West in GA. He did my E-Type 4.2 head with good results at a reasonable price and delivery.

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

In all the years I’ve been on here, I cant remember anything but good feedback about Coventry.

With a good shop that has done the same thing many times, you should be able to ring or email them and they should be able to give you an accurate estimate of time, cost & contingencies

Ditto on Coventry West. They did the head on my Series II and later the short block (long story). I continue to be quite pleased with the results.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations(here and via PM). I have what I need, will send my head out soon w fingers crossed.


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Well, +1 on Dick Maury.


Piling on… Dick / Coventry West did my E-type engine and it’s been great for 30,000 miles.