Series 1 FHC $45k?

Series 1 FHC opalescent blue sold for 45k at Mecum. ? What am I missing? It looked clean from what you can see on Tv. ?

…all the hidden rust you cannot see.

Yes but i looked at a project car 67 getting almost 40k ? Bit there had to be something as the other Es went for more.

No idea, it looks reasonable, although there aren’t many photos.

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Description says it was “upgraded with frame reinforcements during the restoration.”

Perhaps the frames are damaged. “Reinforcements” doesn’t sound very reassuring

I’ll take it thank you !

Has spring over front shocks. Bonnet fits differently right to left, right door looks a little “set in”. Carb linkage rusty. Hatch fit looks odd. In a good free market economy things are more or less (bell curve) worth what they cost. Outliers are permitted in this model.


Huge red flag.

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The TV commentators said it had previously been vintage raced then returned to street. Who knows what indignities it had endured.

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No rubber gaskets on the bumpers?