Series 1 motor R5061-9 on

1 hour to go and it’s only at 3k someone likely needs this S1 engine #R5061-9

I’m surprised. Last complete 3.8 engine I saw on Ebay was about 10k. I think it was claimed to have run when pulled though. Things have way of doubling on BAT in the last 5 minutes though.

Final listed sales price = $7,000

Dammit! I missed out by only $4300!

Maybe I ought not to junk my SIII engines…:smirk:

God no. Never throw anything away. I’ve even kept the Moss box that someone evidently used as an aquarium.

As Chris, who runs Jaguar Services (where I’m the apprentice) says “that’ll get somebody out of trouble one day”.

Did you find a treasure chest, deep sea diver and water rocks in inside?

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No. Just water and rust. Mind you the car looked as though it had been stored underwater as well.

Well, I wanted it, but I was able to control myself (barely) as it passed my max. My first foray into BAT. I saw my competing bidder had stopped at $15k for a GTB tool kit, so 30 seconds & I’m out. Gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.