Series 1 xj12's

How rare are series 1 xj12’s?

I would say very rare, both in lack of total production and unfortunately, many were lumped with ‘merican V8’s. They are seriously fast cars, and neat to experience in a S1 setup.

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I’d love to own one !

Yes, rare.

Few Series I cars have survived, fewer still in good shape.

Could be converted back to a V12. Or an XJ6 could be made into an XJ12. Problem is, as you know, body and interior resto would be mountains of money.



Wikipedia has production as 2,474 short wheel base and 754 long wheel base. So as rare roughly as a Series II Coupe. I’d take a shortie :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your information. I appreciate it.

Thanks for your info. I’ve read that it’s that there may be no more than 400 series 1xj12’s still in existence.

SWB RHD only 720, 1762 LHD.
I owned an SWB for 29 years, very nice car. 18 mpg if you were VERY careful with the throttle, otherwise about 16.

Sadly came to grief a couple of times but managed to resurrect it.


I have one of those 720 RHD. Not worth restoring so I sold the engine which was in pieces with a rusty crank. Front end had received an impact at some time which was hard to spot until I really looked hard. Rear is rusty. Still has the 3.31 LSD which I may use one day.

Not worth finding a better body?
On Trademe ( NZ Ebay), different models seem to come up in batches, you won’t see any for months, then several at once; currently there’s been a few Mk1s, previously several S Types.
About 10 years ago, there were about 7 S1 XJ12s on all at once, and $20K would have bought the lot, a couple were quite nice. They were hard to sell then, probably harder now. Mine was chassis 613 and I also had DD6 no 125, they’re even rarer, only 534 made, all RHD. I haven’t seen an S1 12 of either variety for many years now.

The photo is (what im calling) “the MONEY shot”! Love it!!

Side note, not the earlier ones, at least not correctly. They have added some extra dents somewhere around the air filters for the V12.

I‘d like to have one, at least drive one for a while. I could buy one but don’t have the space for two!

Good to know.


The carbs and filters do extend out a bit. A later fuel injected V12 might be a tad bit narrower !


Another possibility is to convert a Series 2 (including coupe’) to a Series 1. I’m not sure how far this can go, but I believe the fascia (dash) and front “clip” (bonnet, grille, valence, wings) can all be retrofitted. Doors (functional vent windows) might be a problem due to changes in locks mandated by USA regulations.

If those holes in the inner wings shown in DD’s photo are the only problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to fit a 12 into my S1. Lister John Testrake did that with his Series 3 and it’s magnificent.

What holes?

A S2 will never be a S1, they’re too different. There are plenty S1 around that need to be saved. A S2 can of course be made to look roughly like a S1, but the bulkhead…

John’s car was the impetus for my Series III V12 car. It was born an XJ6


Very difficult to put a Series 1 fascia on a Series 2 because those pretty gauges go right where the Delanair AC vent goes. But as for the rest… no problem for a coupe (no vent windows!). Someone already did that to a Series 2 Coupe that I have. Series 1 front end and hinges, bumpers etc.

The problem with these kind of projects is they often get abandoned and given away after spending lots of money. That’s how this one ended up in my garage. The plan is to merge this with an 83 XJS to make an XJ12 Series 1 with Daimler grill. But, it’s got two cars in line in front of it to be worked on.

Wish I had a better picture of it showing hinges, euro bumper mounts, etc.

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The prototype coupes were in fact S1s, this apparently the sole survivor

I don’t recall any additional indentations to the inner guards on my S1 V12s, as I recall the only difference was the location of the stamped chassis number, V12s were on the rhs plate where the triangular braces bolted, 6s just above the lhs engine mount above the frame rail

FWIW, I think it would be easier to convert an S1 to a coupe than an S2 to an S1.

I Never understood why they didn’t fit E-Type air cleaners - much skinnier. I suspect it’s to mask induction noises.

These take up less space where there isn’t any space. Take the air filter out with the brake master in the way, etc.