Series 2 and 3 Front Fenders Interchangable?

I’m checking to see if an 1983 XJ6 front fender will fit on my 1975 XJ6?


though I never tried I’d guess you could mount them as the basic shape and the mounting points are identical, but there are differences in that the SIII wings have holes for the side indicator repeaters and there are massive cutouts for the chubby SIII bumpers instead of the indentures for the SII indicator/sidelight units.

Swapping from SIII to SII fenders will make sense if you want to retrograde to SII looks. Using SIII on SII cars will have you do some welding, cutting exercise …

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Thanks! I can see the bumper mounting differences, but it was the size and mounting locations that I wanted to know.