Series 2 federal spec aluminium stone guards

Not my area of expertise. Can anyone send me pics showing the location of under car stone guards? I’ve been asked to fit them for a friend but can’t deduce where some of them fit.
Think some are repros that have never been on the car since extensive bodywork.

I think the ones on the bottom are fairly obvious, anyway I don’t think I have a photo of them in place.

This piece can be a bit tricky to suss out if you haven’t seen one installed:

The hole in it lines up with the aft nut of the passenger side (LHD) fulcrum shaft.

Here’s the curvy bit behind the LF tire:

Here are some pieces around the RF tire:

This is the left wheel well seen from the engine side - that vertical piece there is another one that may seem mysterious:

That pic also shows one of the the torsion bar shields in case those are among the ones you have.

Many of the shields are mounted to the frame rails with ¼x28 screws and nuts using a bracket like this or other combinations of bends (but usually painted black):


The vertical panels often mount using pan-head sheet metal screws.

Googling for parts catalog illustrations may be one way to get a handle on what & where (I did not look in the shop manual to see if it shows them. This sort of thing:

Thanks for your help.The problem is that we don’t have any previously installed fixing brackets ,not even any visible holes where the guards may have been mounted previously.

This helped me a lot for identifying the aluminum clips that Geo referenced above as well as their locations/orientations on the frame rails. Credit John Farrel parts.

There will be no holes apart from those in the panels & brackets. The brackets come in 3 or 4 shapes that wrap around the engine frame and allow the panels to be bolted on.

I made drawings of the shapes to keep track of where each shape was fitted when I had it all apart - I am away from home until tonight but will see then if I kept those as part of my notes.

Thanks George much appreciated

Here are my notes (click twice to enlarge):

Note that some differences I drew may just be a matter of orientation (1, 3 & 4) while others have slightly different sizes.

Looks like I used 13 in all – 5 on the drivers side frame, 6 on the passenger side frame and 2 in the wheel wells.

Don’t ask me to explain more (it was 6 or 7 years ago) but that drawing got me thru step #104 as I worked ‘the reverse of the above’.

Hi Geo,
Thank you very much. If there was any chance of some photos of them in situ that would be good. There’s 2 about 18” long, roughly triangular that are baffling us?

Perhaps you could post a photo of those 2 mystery panels?

I am away from home (and the car) for the next few days so no more photos other than what I have on the computer.

18” roughly triangular sounds like a floor heat shield alongside the bell housing?

The originals are very nice shiny aluminum that, I found, merited stripping the black paint to brighten things up a bit in the engine bay. Aftermarket may not be as nice.

My $.02

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