Series 2 rear tail light - side chrome

I just picked up two chrome pieces for the sides of my 69 Series 2 FHC (#4 in the drawing below). As usual with aftermarket pieces they didn’t come with the mounting bolt, although there is a captive nut on the back side of each piece. It is non-obvious how they actual are attached the side of the tail light fixture so any advice or pics of your installed would be helpful.


These might help. Hard to measure the bolt in situ, but it looks to be about 3"

Screenshot 2020-09-14 192719 Screenshot 2020-09-14 192632

I hate to be a bother, but could you take a pic with a side view of the rear bumper and this part. I’m a bit confused as to what I’m looking at. The Phillips head screw is throwing me off.

In the pictures above I’m on my back under the tail pipes, shooting a picture of the underside of the left tail light and finisher assembly. The finisher being part #4 in the picture in your first post. The finisher should have a small screw hole that allows that corner of the finisher to be attached to the outer edge of the sheet metal tail light housing.

The picture below should clarify the positioning. I added an arrow pointing to the position of the phillips screw you are asking about.


These two pictures may also help. They show the bracket that is welded to the body that the bolt passes through to go into the captive nut on the finisher. The bolt and the thick square washer go on the inboard side of the bracket. You’ll not the hole the bolt goes through is square and slotted so you loosely assemble the bolt and finisher, slip it into position and then tighten the bolt to hold the finisher firmly in position. The yellow arrows point to the hole.

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Thank you, the pics are great. I now see how things work. Since my car didn’t have the finisher installed, I don’t have the square washer and the long bolt. I’ll need to source those I guess. Also my aftermarket piece doesn’t have a hole drilled in the bottom to hold the Phillips head screw. See the pic below of the new unit. This all makes sense now, I just have some additional parts ordering to do and ultimately drilling a hole to support the bottom of the chrome piece. Again, many thanks.

You wouldn’t happen to know what that square grommet is actually called or the part #
Thanks again.

Any time, happy to help. The square washer? No idea what Jaguar called it. IMO, the washer need not be square and any decent hardware store bolt would work.

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Thanks. I’ve searched high and low and can’t find the square piece, I’ll get the bolt at my local hardware store.

By the way, I like the color of your car. See mine below

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I suggest you cut a piece of pipe as a spacer between the chrome piece and the bracket.
Use two fender washers on either side of the bracket. This way you can tighten the bolt much tighter. My car was missing one because it fell off…

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It’s a screwy arrangement… and if the bolt becomes loose the finisher can disappear.
(Were it not for Phillip’s head screw of course.) Its a “how tight is tight” bolt as the finisher never seats satisfactorily.

It’s a good bolt to use Loctite on.

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