Series 2 steering column reassemble question(s)

Thanks to @j_limongelli I managed to take off the steering column and rebuilt it. It now looks amazing, unfortunately I was so excited at how good it looked I didn’t take any pictures before bolting it back up to the lower dash.

Since I had the column off and the horn button wasn’t working, despite my having disassembled the stalk, I replaced the entire unit and will be wiring it all back up later today. However, in the meantime I need a bit of reassembly advice.

I have the turn signal assembly back on the column, but its unclear to me of the placement and orientation of the signal cancel tab. Should it be inserted in one of the slots on the white plastic ring on the turn signal assembly? How far down the column should the turn signal assembly be set?

The reason for the second question is that when I tried to add the turn signal shroud (2 piece plastic cover) I wasn’t able to place the metal bracket that hold the drivers side of that cover (the passenger side is held with spring clips. Here are two pics of my current setup.



everything you need to know, I think !

( not my website by the way, just a link I saved )

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Bob (Faster) that’s a great resource! Bob (Kirk) It even shows two pictures of the rare Unicorn ignition bracket we’ve discussed in another thread. Speaking of that, I found the information of the person in England that I bought that part from a number of years ago. His contact information is below - you might want to reach out to him and see if he’s found another one.


Richard M Smith
R M and J Smith Ltd
P.O.Box 249
Tel: 01270 780954

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That was amazingly helpful! Although I took the darn thing apart just a week ago, getting it back together properly was proving to be a challenge. These pics took all the mystery out of it and in 15 minutes it was all hooked up properly. Thank you. This link is now saved on my computer too!

Oh, I didn’t miss that photo too. I see that damn photo everywhere but the part is illusive and not to be found on this planet. I will reach out to you contact to see if lighting can strike twice…LOL

Thank you to all!

I just heard back from Richard in the UK. He says he doesn’t have one and doesn’t know where to find one… The white whale continues to elude me…Ha Ha

You can try these folks, maybe you get lucky:

Thanks, I just sent them a note.



Check out this discussion on the etype forum. It mentions someone who has the unicorn bracket you are looking for.


You are the man! Good memory. PM already sent. If I’m able to buy it, I will be taking precise dimension and passing them on to SNG and/or Moss. Hopefully, they can begin to make decent reproductions.

That’s the ones!
I wonder why so many series two Drivers are going to that set up😀

The seller has said that he has taken the part off the market given the interest in it… I had been hoping to buy it but give SNG and Moss the opportunity to measure/scan it for reproductions if they were interested. I wasn’t looking to make any money off it it, just give the marketplace the opportunity to get this part in the future. I’m unsure what the seller is going to do with it, but it seems my dream of having it to install aren’t going to happen any time soon.

Joey, to your point - if you don’t have factory AC and you have the Series 1.5 and/or 2 without the steering wheel lock, this is the part you need, or so I’ve been told. I’d really like to get rid of my handmade solution in favor of something original, but maybe another one will pop up.

It seems the part number for this mystery unicorn item is C29128

The seller has said that he has taken the part off the market given the interest in it”.

That’s kind of a weird response…is he waiting for it to “appreciate”? Oh well - worth a try!


Chet, I really appreciate the fact that you even remembered that I needed that bracket. If nothing else, I hope this part can get used to make a laser scan so that reproductions can be created.

Happy I could help. After all I vividly remember conducting my very own and very frustrating “snipe hunt” for this part a few years ago before finally being successful in finding one. I guess that effort has conditioned me to alert whenever I see one!


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BOB callDave Welsh, thats in his wheel house, chubby turned 50 so he is keeping busy because he thinks he is dying.
Not that 300 pounds, eating salt and sugar like a bear.
Tell him I told you to call, its a series 1 1/2 key holder.
thers a couple of styles you want the one you saw…it bolts to your column

GT Joey, buddy you are getting old and forgetful… The whole steering column issue along with the key switch is when you first reached out to me to assist. I called Dave back then and his minions said they didn’t have it, even after I supplied a picture of it. This part is a ghost, a unicorn, a figment of my imagination…

Repeating, like my dinner…I have pics coming from the new owner of my series 2…

Bob, don’t be so hard on gtjoey! The advantage of my forgetfulness is I get to discover my E-Type anew every time I go to my shop (wow…where did THAT come from!) :grinning:


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The Seller on the UK forum that withdrew the bracket from sale has posted that he is haveing the brackets re made…Steve

Thank you. I have stayed subscribed to the post and saw this myself too. I have already messaged the member to ask about the bracket. The only thing I found confusing about his post is that he stated that it won’t fit a Series 1.5 because it doesn’t have the steering lock casting, which I didn’t think my early Series 2 didn’t either (but I could be wrong). My early Series 2 did not come equipped with the later steering lock mechanism that I’m aware of.