Series 2 windshield seal on Series 1

Yesterday we removed the windshield on my 73 with the intention of renewing the rubber seal after a respray. I confirmed that seals are available before destroying the old one, but upon more careful assessment now I notice that the late S1 seal (BD 38360) is apparently NLA or “special order” and that the S2 seal (BD 48848) has superseded it.

I’d appreciate any comments on fitment of the S2 seal on S1 cars. This is not the early S1 that used a wider chrome insert. In particular IIRC there was a US mandate requiring that the the windshield be clamped to the car to prevent it’s flying away. If the clamps are the reason for a different seal on S2 cars, how does that seal fit and look without clamps, i.e. on the S1? Are there visible holes?

I just installed a new windscreen on my 73 Series 1 a couple months ago. I had to remove it and replace both glass and seal after I painted.

I got seal and locking rubber strip from Terrys Jaguar. Ask for Diana and she will know the right part number for your xj6. It fits great but not easy job. You have to fit around car first which will seem quite loose and then press windscreen in carefully into car all around. Very tedious for people like me who don’t install these for living :smile_cat:

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Thanks James. They are selling the S2 part for 72-78, as are all the usuals. You saw no holes in the seal I presume? If so, I wonder what the difference is between the two part numbers.

Yes, I’m worried about installation as everyone says it’s difficult. I thought you were supposed to fit the seal to the car first…will have to do more reading. How hard was it to fit the chrome plated hard brass inserts?

I’m not sure I didn’t read up on it first however maybe I wrote that backwards. The seal has to be put on first to the car, it will seem sorta loose. Then you place windscreen. I will correct the prior message.
The black lock strip wasn’t bad. However the chrome finisher I have yet to get right.

Hi Robert,

From my experiences putting a new windshield into my coupe (S2):

Yes, I put the seal into the windshield frame first, then worked the windshield in around all the edges carefully. I used personal lubricant from the drug store to mare it slip in easier. This is water based so cleans up easily and dries up eventually within the joint. Getting the chrome strip in place is the hardest part. I eventually stumbled onto using a 2.5 mm allen key (the ball-end type) to slowly roll the rubber lips over the chrome strip. Start with the corners since the radius here has to line up first.

I elected to do away with the chrome restraining clips used for NA market cars to prevent the windshield flying out in front end collisions. I reasoned that the windshield going forward in such a case is not a hazard to me - or really anybody else. The clips look stupid and I got the chrome trim pieces from a S! car and used them instead - proof that the gakset rubber should be identical. I did not want to drill those mounting holes through the rubber gasket into the car after windshield installation because the holes would be hard to locate, and I didn’t want to nick the edge of the windshield.

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And do the job in as warm conditions as possible - you will fight cold rubber much more.

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