Series 3 Accelerator Pedal Hinge Failures

(Ferman Wardell 1971 E-type Series 3 2+2 V-12) #1

Well, I’m on my third Series 3 accelerator pedal in two years because the plastic hinge keeps failing. Anyone else have this problem? Is there another type out there that doesn’t have this failure? (Actually the throttle works OK without the pedal - ha!!).

(Geoff Allam) #2

Have you thought about pop riveting or possibly bonding in a small section of piano hinge? Should be unnoticeable if painted black.

(Pascal G) #3

Almost 20 years with a lead foot… no problem

(Pascal G) #4

Let me correct my previous reply… I forgot i don’t have the stock pedal by CJ’s alloy pedal set which has its own alum hinge

(Canberra ) #5

I have a cheap gate hinge modified and bolted to the floor and screwed to the back of the plastic pedal - works fine (for over 30 years)

(Ole Würtz) #6

Yep, my first one failed too. SNG replaced it at no cost. The replacement has held up so far (5 years) ~2K miles.
Cheers … Ole