Series 3 Weird Turn Signal Problem

My 1971 Series 3 FHC was returned to me after having the bonnet removed and repainted. They removed all of the light fixtures, etc. and did a fabulous job with the painting. Upon return, neither the emergency flashers nor the turn signals worked. I replaced the emergency flasher switch (which had failed mechanically) and flasher unit. In emergency flasher mode all lights flash nicely, except the right rear, which is not flashing full strength and the right front which is dark. I will add that the all 6 marker lights work well, including right front. In turn signal mode, the left lights work OK, the right rear flashes but not full strength, and the right front does not flash. Wiring seems OK and I have replaced all bulbs. Assistance appreciated.

You probably have bad grounds at the lights because of the new paint. With the bulbs flashing, use a voltmeter to measure any voltage on the various fixtures with the other lead on a known good ground. If you find any voltage, fix the grounding path.