Series II alternator terminals

A quick double check on alternator terminals.

I believe the below picture is correct. I just want to verify the relative locations of the F+ and F- terminals. As I show I think the FR+ is the top spade terminal in the plastic surround on the back of the alternator. So, is my picture correct?

Google " jaguar xke alternator explained". You will come upon a site
You will find everything explained there. When you go to the site…go to the bottom so you can go to page 2 and you will see your diagram.
Yeepee… I tried the link and it worked.


I think B goes to C1 on relay and battery. F+ is right…F- is right…and L is right. Just check the diagram I linked you to for verification of B.
There is another site… The site is about convertin11ac lucas alternator. If you follow one of the diagrams where it states to connect the L to the F+ you will see that the F+ is the terminal closest to the center bearing. So your diagram looks right, It is the last alternator picture on that page.

I wound up pulling the alternator and found small marking cast into the plastic brush holder that shows the erminal closest to the B+ terminal is indeed F-, so F+ is the one closest to the center of the alternator.

Now to figure out why it doesn’t charge. Looking at old posts by Mike Frank I see that when everything is hooked up and running I should get 12V at the F+ terminal that voltage coming from the relay. I guess I’ll start there.

Thanks for your help.

Good to follow the markings but as I recall it doesn’t really matter which way you connect them.