Series III XJ6 Alternator replacement

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This is a follow up on a previous post; and I think I named the topic a bit wrong. I’ve copied the previous post below:
I got the green bible, and the alternator I had to pick up a new one cause mine didn’t put out enough. ummm… donna leave that one alone… ANYWAY.

It’s been about 3 years since I’ve replace an alternator in a Series III. It’s kinda like giving birth (so I’m told) you can’t remember the pain, but you just remember it hurt. That’s the way I feel about the alternator replacement. What I do remember is that I took the windshield bottle out, disconnected the swaybar, removed the air pump, loosened the A/C compressor but didn’t remove it (because I didn’t want to disrupt the A/C it’s one thing that actually worked well on that car). What I do remember it took way longer than it should’ve, and I did a whole lot of unbolting of stuff that didn’t need it. But I don’t remember how I actually got it out. The green bible (abridged version of the Jaguar Manual) states, and I paraphrase, loosen the belt unbolt it, disconnect the wires and remove.

Seriously!! Thank you for that bit of wisdom Capitan Obvious!

So here I am again, needing to replace the alternator, and not wanting to disturb the A/C because I don’t have the means to recharge the system, and I’m two cheap to pay someone to do it. Besides, the system isn’t R34 or the polar bear friendly version - and nobody around here will touch it.

Does it come out the bottom between the subframe; or out the top underneath the A/C compressor. Open to suggestions

I’ve had a bit of time, and just went for it. To answer my own question, out the bottom is the direction I went. Here are the steps for those who are wondering the same thing. Up and out or down and out:

This is what I did:

  1. Remove the protective plate (not sure what it’s called) gaining access to the alternator adjustment
  2. Remove the front wheels
  3. unbolt the sway bar, and move it out of the way (no need to take it completely out). Not sure if this is the easiest, but it works for me. Locate the 2 nuts which are between the front cross member and the chassis, I put a bit of paper around the boxed end and wedged the wrench onto the nut. then from the top side, using about 2 feet of extensions and a wobbly socket (not a u jointed one) put a 14mm socket on the end and slacken the bolts. there are two on each side. Be mindful of how the brackets come off, because the two on each side of the car are NOT interchangeable, and are directional.
  4. Remove the end links (pretty self explanatory)
  5. Remove the sheet metal screws holding the brackets to the coolant pipe running parallel to the sway bar and radiator.
  6. Remove the belt tensioner for alternator. Or you can fiddle with the two nuts and the fine threads which take an eternity to move a mm. One end of the tensioner is on the front of the sump, the other is obviously attached to the alternator. Using a pry bar, being mindful of what you’re prying against, move the alternator towards the engine and remove the belt. Once that’s done. using the pry bar again, move the alternator as far as it will go away from the engine which will expose the two bolts attaching the alternator to the bracket in which it’s dangling from
  7. Using the paper trick again, wedge a 13mm boxed wrench onto the nut, and a 13mm socket attached to a 3 inch extension, attached to a long handled wobbly handled ratchet. Finagle the ratchet and bits up to the bolt, and loosen it (don’t remove it just yet.
  8. Again, the paper trick on the 13mm boxed wrench, stick it on the nut on the back side of the alternator bracket. using the 2 foot long extensions separated by a u-joint thread the contraption from behind the steering rack, through the AC piping to the bolt. loosen away.
  9. Disconnect the wires to the alternator.
  10. Remove the bolts holding it in place be mindful of where the spacers came from because you’ll need to put them back to ensure the proper belt alignment.
  11. Wrestle it out the front between the cross member, and the sway bar. I’ve found pushing the sway bar towards the engine worked the best.

Like the green bible states, install replacement in the opposite order.

I hope this helps someone other than me in 3 years when I forget again.


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