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Looking for a service/workshop manual to help me work on my 2001 XK8 convertible. I live up in cold Minnesota. This is the first winter I stored it in a cold garage, it was always in nice warm and cozy storage. Anyways, the tranny seal let loose and I now have most of the fluid all over the floor. A hard copy would be nice, but would settle for an e-copy. Any help?

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Steve . . .

Just google “workshop manual Jaguar XK8”. all kinds of sources for download and/or hardcopy.

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I think the last Jaguar issued ‘paper’ service manual was the XJ40 sedan. There might have been some info for the X300 (I don’t remember or someone stole the books from the tool room) but JTIS was issued in the mid 1990s.

When our dealership wanted all the service manuals ‘trashed’ I rescued them and have them still. The ones I have are from 1988 to 1994. (the older ones had already ‘disappeared’)

JTIS info on CDROM ended with version 21 in about 2004. After that we were to logon to Jaguar Business Network with username and password. (later this became TOPIX)

I still use my copy of JTIS 20 because 21 ‘timed-out’ on January 1, 2004 so I just reloaded JTIS 20 and it works fine to this day.

JTIS 20 or 21 will be all you need for you 2001MY car.



Have a look here;

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Try also:

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Another source is You van buy a one year subscription to a shop manual for about 30 dollars.


You guys were great. I followed the advice above and now have over 14,000 pages of info on my XK. Out to the garage I go.
Thanks everyone.