Shock absorber link arm buses replacement

Anybody replaced the rubber bushes in the shock absorber ling arms on MKIV, I have an Arbour press but looking at the threaded pin size and the rubber bush size it looks like it will be a difficult, additionally how do keep things central IE the bushing in the centre off the threaded pin
Anybody any tips and tricks before I try this

I drilled and tapped the pins and added large flat washers so the links can’t fall off on the road.
screw and washer added

Load up the rubber parts with dish soap and they will press in easily.

I was measuring the hole size in the bushes supplied by Worcester and see that the hole is 1/2 the pin is 3/4 and so is the metal bush, are these supplied a standard size so you can enlarge the centre hole on the bush to suit what pin size you have ? I cannot see these being pressed into the eye of the link arm with these dimensions

These bushes are correct Mike. They are purposely made to ‘exaggerated’ dimensions for a significant reason. The bushes, when installed, apply high pressure on the surfaces of both the eye and the link pin. This makes them act like a metalastik type bush, meaning that the rubber does not rotate against the steel surfaces, but flexes within itself only. If the pin were allowed to rotate in the rubber, it would wear out fast. You may notice that an old bush is a bit flogged out because the rubber has become harder or softer over time and the grip of the pin fails.

The problem is how to install at home. I am due to do this on my ‘other different car’ later this year, and bought an installation kit. If you don’t have this kit, it will be hard work and you may overuse a range of expletives.

I’ll see if I can find some photos which are self-explanatory.

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Hi Peter

Thanks for that I do have a Press kit, I await some phots so I can see how this would work, incidentally, I asked the people who reamed my king pin bushes if they could press them in but they said the different sixes would just crush the rubber bushings, I will look at my kit tomorrow to see if it will work

Thanks for the info

Here are some instructions for the method and tooling for the installation of the shocker bushes.

One is a basic set from the fellow I purchased the kit. The other is an online document I think, by NTG in the UK - the MG specialist mob.

Let me know if you have trouble reading them.


Added comments:

  • only use water or dishwashing liquid. In effect, the steel has a chance to rust a bit and grips better.
  • the arm and the link should be set to have zero twisting stress in the rubber when the car is at rest. This means usually that these parts are set at 90°.
  • the shock absorber should be tested for its resistance setting whilst off the car. All should be set for equal resistance. This is a unique but not difficult process and I’m intending to make a resistance timing board as I will be dismantling, cleaning and replacing seals.

Thank for the info ,I will print it out and have a go
Much appreciated
I will report om my progress next week

Seems like I will have to purchase some special tools for this operation, may be easer to send to the UK and let Graham from vintage shock absorbers take car of it ???
anybody else done this job ?


Without the tapered mandrels, damage can easily be done to the bush, necessitating replacement - and they aren’t cheap. Some have squeezed these in their bench vice but I would think it awkward to hold all the parts in correct alignment. The kits are available but I don’t know the cost but expect at least 100US. The problem is you’ll never need it again.

If you can remove the arms and only send these with links, bushes, and pins, you’ll keep the postage down. Check for shaft seal replacement too as Graham can supply these too.

I have sent an enquiry to Graham in the UK., hopefully he will be able to help
sometimes its better to shell out the green stuff to avoid the stress of trying to do it yourself
Thanks for the help

I casually asked the vendor who is rebuilding my shock absorbers if they can do the re bushing of the link arms for the shock absorbers and they said yes no problem we’ve done hundreds of them

So I have sent them off to get done with the shock absorbers, not worth the hassle of trying to do it myself, the Vender is world wide auto spares of Madison WI if anybody has a need