Side mirrors that clamp to 1/4 light Mark V

I’m looking for a supplier for a period style side mirror that clamps on the 1/4 light window on a Mark V saloon.
My neck just will not turn far enough to see back there anymore and guesswork won’t cut it much longer. It’s called A G E

I’m not sure whether the curvature of the body about the B post might preclude this type but worth a try.



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Thanks Peter. Look good.

I just bought a pair and disappointingly discovered with them attached, the windows must remain open several inches. They need some sort of quick release mechanism to allow easy removal when parked so the windows can be rolled up and the car locked.

Sorry, this is my fault! About 50 years ago I used to use another version (also displayed in seller’s advert) that was originally called the Stadium Overtaker. It had the same type of clamp that gripped the outer side of the window channel and back then my wind up window was able to pass the clamp.


I guess the thickness of the clamp and its anti-scratch pad is just too thick. Perhaps I’m not understanding your problem. Did you find the grub screws are just not long enough to clamp firmly on the thin outer wall of the quarter light channel section. If this is the case then perhaps you could replace these with longer screws.

Perhaps you could take a detail photo showing how the glass can’t pass the clamp?


I had to wonder that.
I have a pair on their way. I’ll see how they turn out. Regards

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Looking at the seller’s advert for the mirror I used 50 years ago I see his photo shows it clamped to glass!

This is wrong. It should be clamped to the outer wall of the window channel.


The thickness of the metal and the rubber insulator take up almost the entire window channel. There’s no way the window glass can be rolled up past them.

Perhaps you could cut out the rubber channel over the short length of the clamp such that it is only clamping to the metal. I did not have to do this 50 years ago but perhaps my rubber channel was more worn than yours.


p.s. I’ve just looked at my window channel and I see that it’s not a simple U section but has a slight turn over the tops of the U legs that may be different from the simple U of my black car. This little turn over may result in the clamp being too near to the glass.

I’ll post a pic once mine have arrived.

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I’ll be very interested in what you find Graham. I can see how the little lip on the tops of the U could cause a problem. Perhaps the lip could be squashed flat but I admit that would not be nice.