Site issues; layout

(David Jauch) #1

Dear Admins, the layout is broken!
On two phones (iPhones for that matter; X on iOS 12 and 6 on iOS 11.4, so both quite up to date) the flags have become oblong and the text field is about to end in a line with no chance to scroll or anything. So I have to blind type now and can’t edit it anymore. Screenshots up next.

I think it started when you did the maintenance thing ore shortly after that.


(Paul Wigton) #2

Oh… I thought that was a feature…:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Did this start recently?

I did notice a flurry of client error messages starting about a week ago.

(David Jauch) #4

Yes as I said I think it came along with the maintenance downtime. Or shortly thereafter.

(David Jauch) #5

Also I‘m always logged out when visiting, but can see the pub sometimes which I thought I should not. Did not mention that as I attributed this to the beta version OS on the phone. Just occurred to me.

(David Jauch) #6

The text field seems fixed. I can type long essays again. Just the flags remaining.

(Andrew Waugh) #7

The flags aspect ratio issue should be fixed the next time that Gunnar updates the software.