Site not always loading

Am I the only one who has to reboot their iPad to get the site to load after about two days? The other two fora I follow do fine. This problem has developed over the past four weeks.

what browser you using

Safari on iPad

i’m guessing you clear history out regularly as in “all not just recent files”, after a complete history clean cached scripts and CSS files will need to be reloaded so go to a basic website you know is quick, do you use a VPN? do you completely shut down the ipad when finished or just sleep mode? best practice is to completely shut down, … after a complete cleanup try in a new “private” window, this will use less resources, was an update done recently? try a different browser, how many programs & services are running at start up? these can slow you down also what anti virus program - if any - you using, these can also affect performance

Guilty of some of the things you mention. Will change a few practices. Thanks.

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give us an update on how it goes

Turned off iPad last night after clearing all history. No problems this morning.

lewis, good to hear, i’ve been servicing - custom building & teaching computer skills since 1998, the big trap people make is not rebooting a laptop or tablet, even a phone will make a difference

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