[SOLD] Aftermarket Heater Blower Motor for an E-type

Description: The legendary, much sought after, Dayton Model 2M197 electric motor coveted by many as the replacement fan motor of choice for the heater blower. These are no longer available new from the dealer so used ones like this that function and look like new are highly sought after. Can you say to yourself, “rare and hard to find”? If so contact me now, operators aren’t standing by, but I’ll be there to handle your purchase.

This is a 1/35th horse power motor. Sufficient to spin the fan fast enough to duplicate the efforts of the original Smiths motor. Use it to power the fan, or, if you could find 34 more of these on sale you could string them together and power a horse.

Check out that Yellow cad finish and that pristine label. The thing is a work of art in it’s own right. Buy it, frame it, hang it on the wall.

Asking price (if selling): Does $20 sound right to you? It does to me too, so let’s go with that. If paying by PayPal add 10% to the price.

Location: The heart of the U. S., Arkansas so shipping is cheap to about anywhere else in the country.

Contact information: PM me on J-L - PDQ

Cost of shipping: You, the buyer, are going to pony up the dough for shipping, actual cost only. I’ll even let you decide which shipper to use. I’d recommend USPS. They are generally cheaper and you get the added benefit of a uniformed representative of the government of the United States of America bringing it to your door, or at least as far as your mailbox. How cool is that.

Willing to ship worldwide? You bet I am. It’s you nickel after all.

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