[SOLD] BAS Major Interior kit for Series 1 4.2 Etype Coupe

Description: BAS Major interior kit for 4.2 Etype Coupe. Black with tan headliner.
Received kit as part of an etype purchase, but cannot use. Still in BAS plastic wrap. Please review detailed description below, there are a couple of pieces missing, but also additional pieces that are traditionally optional.

E-type Series 1 & 2 FHC Standard Trim Kit Checklist

Carpet Set

Deep pile 100% Wilton Wool Carpet precut with bound edges (includes leather heel pad (early) or storvic heel pad (late).

Underfelt Kit

English Natural Jute Underfelt, Jaguar factory specification bitumen-topped jute (in thicknesses of 1/2″ and 3/4″, as necessary. (Natural jute underfelts reduces heat and road noise).

Carpet Stud Set

8 male and 8 female, plastic type, as original.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather hides carefully hand selected to match in grain and color, supplied complete, no sewing necessary (some coupes left the factory with roadster seats, these seats have back that are not quite as wide as fixed head seats – please enquire/specify).

Center Console Kit

All necessary precut vinyl, foam & piping to retrim console and radio surround, (includes leather console cushion cover & gaiter).

A-Post Harduras

Trimmed with bound edges, ready to install (with or without bonnet latch holes, please specify).

Underseat Harduras

Trimmed with bound edges, ready to install (with square or curved trailing edge, please specify).

Underdash Harduras

Trimmed with bound edges, ready to install.

Storage Box Mat

Hardura with bound edges, ready to install.

Inner Sill Panel Kit

Vinyl & closed cell foam covering, pre-cut, ready to fit.

Wheel Arch Covers

Pre cut covering in moquette, ready to install.

Rear Bulkhead Hardura

Trimmed, with bound edges, ready to install.

Lower Rear Bulkhead

Pre cut in moquette, ready to install.

Side Casing Panels (front & rear)

4 complete panels, vinyl covered, panel fixing clips included.

Door Closing Panels

Complete aluminum vinyl covered rebate panels, trimmed and ready to install.

Storage Box Retrim Kit

Precut vinyl, ready to install.

Door Panel

Complete, ready to install, includes vinyl and foam covers for door cappings and fixing clips, (includes installed mounting hardware for chrome trim).

Rear Parcel Area Retrim Kit

Early cars have two piece hardura mat, supplied bound ready to install. Later cars have one piece hardura mat, supplied bound, ready to install.

Lower Rear Door Panel

Complete vinyl covered panel, includes fixing clips.

Upper Rear Door Panel

Replacement panel in molded ABS plastic trimmed in vinyl. (This replaces the factory original made in molded paperboard that is always damaged or missing).

Panel Below Rear Door

Complete aluminum panel fits below rear door panel, vinyl covered, ready to install.

Headlining Kit

In fawn, grey or green original English woolcloth bonded to closed cell LATEX FOAM backing, unbacked material is also supplied to retrim roll at cantrail and sunvisors.

Wiring Loom Cover Panel

Aluminum panel trimmed in vinyl as original, this often damaged or missing panel protects the main harness loom under the dash.

Underdash Cover Panel

Black grained board panel often missing or damaged on all E Types (early 3.8 cars had aluminum underdash panel, black vinyl provided to recover).

Cantrail Panel Retrim Kit

Pre cut vinyl and foam to recover cantrails.

Fixing Screw Kit

Stainless steel-finished screws made in England (hard to find in the USA) these will make fixing your new trim a cinch!

Not included

Seat Cushion Foams

Seat Diaphragms

Dash Pad

Extras that are included that are optional to the BAS major kit

Jack Bag

Hinge cover kit

Door Handles

Sun visors (tan)

Glove box

Side cubbies

Misc foam

Asking price (if selling):$2,000 US or best offer, buyer to cover shipping

Location: Atlanta, GA USA

Contact information:
Jeff Smith jtsmith946@aol.com 404-353-2382

Cost of shipping - Will vary, but will be at least two large boxes

Willing to ship worldwide? Open

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Too bad it’s not for a series 2 FHC with a black interior and tan headliner.

Too bad it’s not red, and for a Rover P6.


For giggles, I stopped by Denver’s premier auto upholstery shop, AutoWeave, last year and I’ll be damned if the guy who did Tweety’s interior in 1967 wasn’t still there!

We hadda chat about “the old days,” then I asked, ‘how much would it be to completely redo the Rover’s interior, headliner excluded?’

He didn’t miss a beat: “Right around $15… THOUSAND.”

I allowed as how that would increase Margaret’s market value to perhaps $3000!

I actually wish I had a Series 1 4.2 to use this kit…its really nice. Jeff S.

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It looks like it, and very comprehensive.

For those of you who know interiors does this work for an OTS?

Is it easily trimmed or just a few replacement parts purchased?

Other than the head rests, are there differences between the 4.2 series one seats and series 2 seats?

The interiors on FHC and OTS are, surprisingly, very different. Door panels (both caps and lower panels)and the entire area behind the seats, the A pillars, no headliiner in an OTS.

I’m sure it’s tempting but you’d be miserable


Yes, the series 2 seats have different, narrower, frames than the S1 seats. (Also S2 leather was perforated, but that is not an issues for most.)
You would struggle to install the S2 leather on a S1 frame.