[SOLD] Series II E-type Wire Wheels and Tubes

(69 FHC ) #1

Four original wire wheels I took off of my car when I bought 6" wide Daytons. These are used wheels about 50 years old, as such they are not cosmetically perfect. I’ve attached two photographs of each wheel showing the front side and backside. The wheels are numbered 1 through 4 in the pictures and those numbers correspond to the following descriptions:

#1. No missing chrome on either side. Spokes clean, tight and straight.
#2. Missing some chrome on the front, none on the back. Spokes clean, tight and straight.
#3. Two very small chrome flaws on the front, no flaws on the back. Spokes clean, tight and straight.
#4. Three small areas of missing chrome on the front, no flaws on the back. Spokes clean, tight and straight…

I experienced no vibration when I had these on the car.

I’m throwing in the four Firestone tubes that I bought new and put less than 300 miles on .

Asking price: $349.95 U. S. for all 4

Location: Arkansas

Contact information: Send me a PM on Jag-Lovers if interested

Cost of shipping: Buyer pays actual cost of shipping

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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(Michael) #2

Check sent per our agreement Monday John. Hows the progress?


(69 FHC ) #3

Hi Michael Got the check yesterday. I’ve got to take my spouse to an out of town doctor today, so they ship FedEx on Monday. Should be3 a 2 or three day shipping time.

Best Regards, John


(Michael) #4

Thank you sir! Take care of that wife of yours my man. I can wait.