[SOLD] Wanted E-type caliper pistons

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Description: I’m looking for caliper pistons for a 1966 E-type brake calipers. 3 fronts and 4 rears.
I bought some sleeved calipers but they didn’t have pistons. Let me know if you can help.

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Location:USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): I’ll pay

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Find a Jag rest. shop near you and pay a visit. Most of the restored E’s get all new calipers, and the old calipers get trashed. It saves time and money to go with new with no “come-backs” later.


Hello, not sure if you are still looking for pistons, I just noticed that R.W Classics on Ebay has listed a bunch of them. Just thought that I’d let you know, Jim.

Thanks. I am looking. Must have missed them as I can’t find them in there store. Thanks for the heads up.

They were just listed when I saw them, check their newest listings they put out a bunch and some are different then others, Jim.

They weren’t list when I check. I contacted them and they had a set. So Thank you!

On a side note I would still be interested in that 420 sedan engine.

I have been buying a few items from them so some times I can get good deals. I still have the engine available, the weather is still on and off here and I have a LOT of Yard Work and Vegie Garden planting to do before I start on the 420. I have someone in Tenn. interested in the roadable 420 so I have to work that into things to do, getting it running again, has been sitting awhile. In order for me to remove the engine I will have to finish removing the rear suspension first. I got some of it done in the fall however living by myself there is always too many other things that need to be done.
I also still have the S. 1 4.2 wire harnesses available I bought them from R.I. YEARS Ago. also have a N.O.S. Header tank and Many Other Parts I know that you will be interested in. Keep in contact, Jim.