[SOLD] XJC with a Series one front clip and everything needed to complete it except the drivetrain. FREE

FREE, But you have to come get it.

1977 XJC in primer with a Series 1 front clip. Roller. Kent rims.
New Upholstery front and rear seats (Connolly). Center console
Windshield/ Rear glass.
Spare XJC doors.
Two sets of new seals. (One set of the little bits)
Manual shift pedals and extras.
Brakes (Discs pads)
Spare Series 1 Bonnet. Spare Series 1 Boot.
Several variant turn signals and tail lights
New steering rack.
New Radiator.
Series 1 bumpers.
And many, many spares.

There…is where?

Hi, I am interested in the coupe, I have one of my own I am restoring and this sounds like a golden opportunity to get some of the parts I need and maybe get your car on the road - if it’s body is better than mine. Is it still available?


Yes it is. It is an XJC, not an XKE. A couple of folks saw Series 1 and thought XKE. I am in Acton Massachusetts 01720.

BTW, California car, no rust.

Thanks for the replies Don. Would the rear be free to tow with the front wheels up on a tow dolly? (Tires OK for that? Did you have to modify the front mounting points to fit the Series 1 hood? Thanks.

I think the rear axles are good to go. But I have one guy in front of you. I will let you know.