Some F types require the use of a dedicated OBD code reader

Shortly after the purchase of my CPO 2017 F type I had battery charging problems that were brought on by the use of an OBD reader. Each time the reader was used I found I had to reset the computer by disconnecting the battery. I now learned on another forum that an OBD reader is available specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover. I plan to order this icarsoftlr2.0 reader. I guess it is compatible with the Jag and will not mess with the charging rate. It will also reset the brake system when servicing etc. It does all kinds of things that I hope will not be dangerous in my hands?

That makes sense. I had an “Automatic” bluetooth ODB reader in my 2014 F-Type S. It’s the kind of device that’s supposed to stay plugged in all the time. As long as it was, the car would experience weird problems such as refusing to come out of Park. As soon as I removed it, the car was fine.