Something has created a bulk of failure messages

After removing the instrument cluster to replace light bulbs, now I have several messages on the message display, along with their symbols lit up.

  1. Low oil pr
  2. Engine coolant low
  3. Battery not charging
    Also, the right side gauges are inop. (Fuel and Temp.). I also hear that beeping that I’ve heard before, from when something is not right.

It’s obvious that so many failures at the same time will only happen from a single item (or connection) going wrong and it’s also obvious that, whatever happened, it happened during the removal or the installation of the instrument cluster.

Any ideas or similar experiences as to what has gone kaput?

Thank you and regards


You might get some recommendations if you tell us what car you have??

It may just be you battery is flatter than the car likes. I had similar when changing to led’s and having to leave the doors open (interior light) and the ignition on to check polarity (fans running). If the power is low all sorts of things stop working.

Thank you, sir, I sure hope that’s what it is, although it reads 12.26 volts right now. I was concerned about keeping the driver’s door open, but the lights do go out by themselves after three or five minutes.
I will give the battery a good charge and hope for the best. It’s really concerning just seeing that display full of -bad- warnings, it’s kind of like a threat…LOL.

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Absolutely, it’s my 2002 XJR.