Sourcing trim clips

Sourcing Daimler boot lid trim clips
Hi – I found that a chrome trim item has a pair of broken plastic clips. It is the white plastic clips in picture holding the boot lid chrome trim on the XJ40 Daimler version.

Where can I find some spare clips?


The Jaguar / Daimler parts catalogue is quite difficult to interpret for the part you require, but I believe it is part number 13H1453J in this picture.

That is shown to be available ex-stock at Jaguar Classic Parts.

No kidding! The page quotes “This is part 14 on the illustration.” and of course there is NO part 14 shown in the drawing … :roll_eyes:

Huh Larry - you want it easy???

I found that part number by doing a search on the parts catalogue in the JDHT RoM JHM1153, not the (inferior?) one on the Classic Parts web page although it is not itemised on that illustration either! Sloppy Jaguar authors!

Stiil don’t know if it is the part Johan requires though! :slight_smile:

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I thought about my car and not sure I have a chrome strip there (94MY VDP) I’ll check later …

I just looked and the chrome strip is attached to the underplate, part 5 in the pic so different setup I guess

Well, the chrome trim (with my broken clips) is actually attatched to the black part No 12 in the picture.
However the picture doesn´t show the trim part.
Part 5 appears to be the lower part between the back lights but the trim itself looks like the one I need clips for.
Action as follows - I will contact the source and confirm/order some clips. Maybe check if other parts is needed at the same time.

Thanks for your support !

As this trim never needs to be removed in normal service, why not just use an adhesive? I suppose it’s beter to get the clips but as these old cars age, well sometimes we have to make small compromises … :wink:

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I like your advice and your idea Larry - I actually thought of using hot melt glu or similar to fix it.
Maybe I will give the idear a try !

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Hot glue sounds just about right!

Or if the correct clips are unobtainable you could try a strong outdoor use double sided tape.
It’s used on lots of modern cars for holding badges and trim in place.

Agreed, that strong tape can be great in the right application, especially when you have flat surface-to-flat-surface contact.
With this project, the thin chrome strip is a U-shaped section with a recess to accommodate the clip so in the absence of the clip, filling the void with hot glue might be a better solution IMO. Contact area would be quite tentative using the tape, although I suppose you could roll some into a cylindrical shape and fill the U-section in the strip with it …I’d still go with the hot glue though.